Internet Ranking

internet May 26, 2020

Hi, this is Dave Kats with Therapist Consultants. I have a tip for you.

Most therapists have no idea where they rank as far as the internet is concerned, but I'll tell you the easy way to find out how you rank with Google. First of all, just go to Google search engine and type in therapist or mental health therapist or a counselor or marriage counselor, whatever you are. Let's say, marriage counselor, Denton, Texas, or wherever you're located. Type in marriage counselor, Denton, Texas. After probably a few ads and things like that, you'll see the local listings. Right now Google lists the top three people, so you'll see three of them, but if you look right below those three listings, 1, 2, 3, you'll see something, a little box that says "See more." If you click on that "See more," you'll see all the listings of everybody in your area.
If you're from Denton, Texas, and a marriage counselor, you'll see all the people that are ranked for marriage counseling in Denton, Texas. Then you...

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Phone Scripts

office procedure May 19, 2020

Hi, this is Dave Kats with Therapist Consultants and I have a tip for you.

One of the best ways you can explain to patients how you operate is to have set scripts. I have a certain script that I like when a patient calls on the phone or maybe when you call them back. Perhaps they called and you weren't available, you were with a patient and you call them back. When you call them back, here's the typical script that I like to use. "Hi, this is Terry, the therapist you called, you said that you were having some marital problems and that you may want to get in as a new patient. I have just a few minutes before my next session. Can you tell me a little bit about your situation?"
Then you let them talk for maybe 20 seconds, maybe a minute, minute and a half till they're about talked out or if they don't stop talking you can interrupt them because they'll never be offended if you interrupt them to ask them a question about themselves. Let them talk for about a minute or so and then you...

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income May 12, 2020

Hi, this is Dave Kats for Therapist Consultants and I have a tip for you.

You know, there are three statistics that you should be keeping in your practice. The first one is easy. The number of new patients you get per month. The average therapist gets seven new patients per month. You can simply count in your appointment book, "How many am I getting?" If you get more than seven, you're above average, you get less than seven, you're below average, but you should get to at least seven because with seven, you can build a full practice with seven new patients a month.
Now the other two statistics that are important are your patient visit average and your dollar visit average. Your patient visit average is the number of times the average patient comes to see you. If you take the number of visits you had this month, let's say, 120 and you divide it by the number of new patients, let's say 10, that means that your PVA was 12. The average person comes in to see you 12 times. Now that's not...

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Staying HIPAA Compliant

hippa May 05, 2020

 Hi this is Dave Kats, with Therapist Consultant and I have a tip for you.

Oftentimes we're asked, how do I stay HIPAA compliant? That's a weekend class and longer. In fact, if there's something that you need to hear every year. There are some basic things that you need to do just the basic basics to make sure that you at least have some of your bases covered. There are four forms that I'd like to talk to you about right now.
The first form is acknowledgment of receipt of privacy practices. Now I think that everybody uses, but you'd be surprised about one out of every 20 therapists is still not having patients fill out that form when you walk in the office. When the patient walks in the office the first thing they should be filling out is the acknowledgment of receipt of privacy practices policy. Which means you have offered them a copy of your privacy policy.
Now they sign that sheet, they sign about two-thirds of the way down. By the way, if they don't want to sign...

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Group Zoom

group therapy Apr 28, 2020

Hi, this is David Kats for Therapist Consultants, and I have a tip for you.

During this coronavirus time, one of the things you can do is do group calls just to keep people involved. Now, I'm not saying this is therapy. I'm saying just group call where you can talk, and you can give advice about how to be cautious during this time, but how not to be afraid or unduly afraid or paranoid during this time. You can use, Z-O-O-M.US. It's a free format. You just follow certain guidelines. It's absolutely free.

You can download it right now, or you can be using it in 10 minutes, and you can send email out to your patients and say, "Hey, I've got some information that's going to help you with your mental health during this coronavirus time," and see how many people get on. I think that it will stimulate your practice, and it will stimulate your referrals, and you can do it as often as you want on this free format. Think about doing that.

This is David Kats. Thanks for listening.

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Facebook & COVID-19

facebook Apr 21, 2020

This is Dave Kats for therapist consultants and I have a tip for you.

During this coronavirus time, one of the things you can do to stay in touch with your patients and to give them good information and to stimulate referrals is to do Facebook Live. Go to your Facebook, your business Facebook account, and you'll see there where it says "Go Live." Just look on the screen and you'll see if you scroll down a little bit, or a lot of times it's right on the top, where it says "Go Live" and you hit "Go Live" and it will count down and well, you'll do just like I'm doing now.
Do a video that tells your patients that you're still available, that you're available by telemental health and that how they can do it, that they can call today for an appointment and new patients are accepted. There's no better time to do Live Facebook than right now because people are at home. They're wondering what to do. They're surfing the internet, they'll find you, they'll take advantage of the situation, so,...

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Video Therapy

teletherapy Apr 14, 2020

Hi, this is David Kats for Therapists Consultants, and I have a tip for you. You know last week Cheri Egts and I talked about having a platform where you can do video therapy. I think it's very important that you do that. Most therapists or many therapists have put all their patients on a video therapy format and I think that's good for now and even in the future if you want to continue it after the coronavirus pandemic is come to an end, but today I want to talk to you about when that pandemic does come to an end, you have to be prepared to build your practice, and you can do it right now.

You can literally build your practice right now if you use Telemental health, there's no problem with spreading the virus that way. If you'll do ads on Google, we have therapists who are now doing ads on Google and they are getting lots of new patients just from those ads and they're doing business as usual and even seeing business growth doing the Telemental health. I would suggest that you,...

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Distance Therapy

teletherapy Apr 07, 2020

David: Hi, this is David Kats and Cheri Egts with Therapist Consultants.

We have a tip for you. During this coronavirus time, one of the things you probably and certainly want to start doing is start doing some distance teletherapy. Now, I should tell you that you can do therapy by telephone now. It's accepted, and it's HIPAA-compliant, but by far the most pleasant way to do therapy via telephone or video is by doing video therapy. There are several software companies that are now giving you the opportunity to do your therapy by video. Cheri is the expert on this. What are some of the video companies that are allowing you to do therapy by video?

Cheri: Well, one of them is Zoom, and actually offers a free sign up. If you sign up right now, you could get an account for free.

David: That is

Cheri: Yes.

David: Okay.

Cheri: Now, they do have one that's HIPAA-compliant that you can pay for, but right now, we're just suggesting to get started, get on Zoom, get...

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Hire An Associate

associate Mar 31, 2020

Hi, this is Dave Kats, with Therapist Consultants and I have a tip for you.

You know, there's one way to add new revenue to your practice and sometimes an easy way, but sometimes not so easy, and that is to hire an associate. The easy ways are these. The first thing you can do is simply rent out your room or your office at times when you're not using it. I have a therapist in the Greater Dallas area who works Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. She rents out her office during those evenings and on Friday and Saturday to two different therapists. She charges one $300 and the other $350, so she gets $650 a month in rent. That's the exact amount she pays for the whole office. She gets her office for free by renting them.
There are other ways to also have associates work for you. Number one is you're going to rent out your room simply on an hourly basis. Perhaps you have an extra room or your room when you're not using your room and you can rent it out. The typical rent fee is about...

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Update Your Social Media

internet Mar 24, 2020

Hi, this is David Kats for Therapist Consultants, and I have a tip for you.

Now is a good time of the year to update your social media. Why do I say now is a good time of the year? Here's the answer. Because any time of the year is a good time of the year to update your social media, you have to do it continually. Here's what your assignment should be for this week. Go to Google Plus, go to Facebook for Business, go to Instagram, go to Twitter, and go to LinkedIn, and make sure you're represented on all those social media sites. If you're not, get listed on them. Then if you are already listed, beef up your information on those sites, because that's where people see you, and that's where they're drawn into your website, and that's where they make an appointment.
This week, your assignment is to look at all your social media sites, make sure you're listed, and if you are, then boost yourself a little bit by adding some more information. I think it will really help you in your social...

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