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Choosing The Best Software To Use

May 09, 2023

Hi, this is Dave Kats with Therapist Consultants, and I have a tip for you. We are often asked what's the best software to run a therapy practice. Really, there are three of them that are up at the top that we think are doing a good job. The first one is SimplePractice. SimplePractice has come onto the scene the last four or five years and has been very popular with the therapists. We don't get paid by any of these software companies. We don't endorse any of these software companies where I'm just telling you what I hear from the therapists that we service.

The first one, and in no particular order, but the first one is SimplePractice. Most of the therapy software you pay by the month and by how many therapists you have but with SimplePractice, they adjusted their prices lately. You want to see how their prices compare to the other two. The other two that I want to tell you about are TherapyAppointment and TherapyNotes.

SimplePractice, TherapyAppointment, and TherapyNotes all have certain areas that they are extra good in and some that they are a little weaker in. Here's what I suggest to you. I suggest that you get a demo from each of those companies and see how you like the demo. When you play around with it, you can't make a mistake because it's just a demo. Then when you find the one that you really like, I would ask them to give you a few leads of people who are using it, who are satisfied with it so you can hear the pros and cons of using each software and then make the decision to move forward.

There are many local software companies that are very good too. I'm not saying these are the only three you should use, but you should look at these three because they're some of the best in the profession. This is Dave Kats. Thanks for listening.

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