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Are You HIPAA Compliant

hipaa Jan 28, 2020

Hi, this is David Kats for Therapist Consultants, and I have a tip for you.

Everybody has to be HIPAA compliant. When I give seminars, sometimes I'm amazed and sometimes terrified at how many therapists don't have good HIPAA compliance. I want to talk to you about four forms that are very basic that'll help you gain HIPAA compliance. Now they won't assure HIPAA compliance, but they'll help you gain HIPAA compliance.
The first one is the use of a single-page form, and that is the acknowledgement of receipt of privacy practices. That's the first form you hand them when they walk in the door, they fill out that HIPAA form, and I'm sure that most all of you are doing that, but if there's somebody listening to this is not having them fill out a HIPAA form on the first day, you are absolutely not HIPAA compliant so you've got to do it immediately.
Now when they filled out that first form, the acknowledgement of receipt of privacy practices, it says that they acknowledge that you gave them...

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3 HIPAA Forms

hipaa Nov 26, 2019

Hi, I’m Dave Kats with Therapist Consultants. I have a tip for you.

Every once in awhile we talk about keeping you HIPAA compliant. I want to start out today with the basics of basics, and talk about just three things you need -- really three forms you need to be HIPAA compliant. The first one is the Acknowledgement Receipt of Privacy Practices Policy, which is the one page form that you have the patient sign when they come into your our office the first day. If you’re not doing that you’re absolutely are not HIPAA compliant and you need to start doing it right away. You need to start doing it immediately. It’s a one page form. Now remember, the patient has to sign that form. But sometimes with mental health patients are little concerned and little apprehensive, and sometimes they won’t want to sign a form like that. Well, that’s okay. They don’t have to sign the form. You just sign the form at the bottom that says I offered them my privacy...

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HIPAA Manual

hipaa Nov 09, 2018

Hi, this is Dave Kats with Therapist Consultants, and I have a tip for you.

Last week we talked about three forms you should use in your HIPAA manual, or that you should have, so that you’re compliant with HIPAA.

Today, I want to talk about your HIPAA manual. Everybody, of course, absolutely needs to have a HIPAA manual that talks about and explains your HIPAA policy, but that manual is not a dead document. You just don’t photocopy someone else’s document, put it in a three-hole ring notebook binder, and never look at it again.

You have to update your HIPAA manual on a regular basis. There are lots of forms that have to be filled out. For instance, when you train your employees, they have to sign a form that says that they have been trained. You have to have a compliance officer. That compliance officer has to sign a form that they’re the compliance officer. You have a form that lists all the compliance officers that you’ve had over a period of...

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HIPAA Manual Update

hipaa Nov 09, 2018

Hi, I'm Dave Kats from Therapist Consultants, and I have a tip for you.

We talked last week about the three forms that you need to be compliant with HIPAA. It doesn't mean that if you have those three forms you'll be compliant, but without those three forms you won't be compliant.

There's another thing you have to have and that is a HIPAA manual. I think that everybody pretty much has a HIPAA manual, and if you don't, you certainly have to get one right away to be in compliance with HIPAA.

The HIPAA manual actually talks about your HIPAA program – how you're going to keep patients' information private. So you need to have a HIPAA manual. But the HIPAA manual isn't the dead document. You don't just run one-off photocopy and put it in a 3-ring binder, and then never visit it again. Even if you use somebody else's template, you have to personalize it, and then every once in a while, you have to go through an update to your HIPAA manual.

There are a lot of forms in a HIPAA...

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hipaa Aug 07, 2018

Dr. Michael Perusich: Hi, everybody. This is Dr. Michael Perusich and Dr. David Kats, we are here with this week's video tip. David, we were just talking off camera just a minute ago about HIPAA, and HIPAA Compliance and you're getting ready to do this in your practice. Dr. David Kats: I'm going to be training for HIPAA with my staff day after tomorrow and we're going to go through it at least once a year. It's amazing how many therapists and doctors don't do HIPAA Compliance training like they should. You need to train every new employee, as soon as you get that new employee, you have to train them. You have to train at least once a year and keep track of the fact that you trained with HIPAA. Now, if you are a member of us, you know that on our website, we have the training, all you have to do is play the audio and you'll have the HIPAA training done. Make sure that you take advantage of that. And if you are a member with us, we certainly invite you to do that. Either way, you've...

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