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Moving to Cash

income profit Jan 14, 2020

Hi, this is Dave Kats with Therapist Consultants and I have a tip for you.

I noticed that many therapists go through a certain progression. When they first get into practice, they're not on any insurance panels, so they start as a cash practitioner. Sometimes they start at a lower price. After a while, they say, "I'm missing a lot of new patients because I'm not on the insurance panels." They get on some or all of the insurance panels that they can get on and they take insurance for a period of time.
After that, they say, "I'm not getting paid very much by the insurance. I think I should go back to cash." They go back to a cash practice. Sometimes slowly over a period of time and sometimes all at once, but that's the cycle. Cash, insurance, cash. Now, you can get fixated in any area. For instance, you can stay cash and low cost or you can stay insurance through the rest of your life, but most people would like to be on a cash practice where they have plenty of new patients and...

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RVU Calculator

profit Oct 15, 2019

Hi, I’m Dave Kats with Therapist Consultants and I have a tip for you.

Did you know there’s an easy way to figure out how much you should be charging for each individual code that you charge to the insurance company? It’s called the RVU Calculator; it stands for relative value units. If you can tell me about what your primary counseling code is, I call tell you how much you should be charging for all the rest of the codes. Here’s how it works. The American Association of Chiropractic Coders put together a RVU Calculator. A RVU tells you how much you should charge for each code compared to another code. Here’s how you use it. Let’s say you do a 9-9-8-3-4 and you know that you’re going to charge $100 for that 9-9-8-3-4. When you go AAPC space RVU space calculator, if you just type that in your search engine, it’ll take to you to the AAPC RVU Calculator and you can type in your 9-9-8-3-4 and put in one unit, and then you type in a...

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