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  • Increased New Patients

  • Double Digit Growth

  • Streamlined Office Procedure

  • Increased Profits

  • Improved Patient Care

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Your guide to building your practice

- Increased New Patients
- Double Digit Growth
- Streamlined Office Procedure
- Increased Profits
- Improved Patient Care

Why Choose Therapist Consultants?


As mental health therapists you are well-trained in how to diagnose and best treat your patients. You have acquired your degrees and certifications, and become accredited to practice your passion of improving the lives of your patients. Now its time to build your business.  As you build your private practice you realize you'll need some guidance and direction on the business aspects of growing your practice. So where do you turn? Therapist Consultants is here to help.  We are one of the leading healthcare business coaches in the country.  Our goal is to help YOU build YOUR practice. Don't go it alone - choose the experienced team at Therapist Consultants to help you build the private practice of your dreams.

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Therapist Consultant Benefits


We offer a long list of benefits for our members, making the Therapist Consulting program one of the most robust and affordable around. Make the investment in your practice and your future with Therapist Consultants. Click on pictures below to learn more...

Elite Therapist

Therapist Consultants offers On-Demand consulting through phone, text and video conference calls.

Weekly Elite Therapist Call

Every week we will discuss a growth topic. We are face to face on computer. Of course, you can listen by phone if you prefer. I talk to you and you talk to me. I stay on the line until every question has been answered. 

Portal Access 

You’ll have access to our private, client only website. It is a huge resource with dozens of videos, all the forms you need, contracts and agreements and much more.

Mark Strauss
Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC
By following the Therapist Consultants procedures I reached my goal in 2 years. But even better than the numbers, is the fact that everything Therapist Consultants recommends benefits not only me, but my clients, as well. I am a far better counselor, let alone businessman, and my clients receive far better treatment because I consult with TC. I believe every counselor wanting to go into any private practice setting should sign up with TC, and they will find that it has paid for itself in less than six months.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I have been a client of Therapist Consultants (TC) for over 5 years, and the things I’ve learned have transformed me as a person, as a therapist, and as an entrepreneur.

 As a therapist, I realize my value to my clients. I can see how I fit into the continuity of care across the many services of the medical profession. In addition, I have learned valuable practices that have substantially increased my business, such as the plan of care, advance multiple scheduling, and progress reports.

 The weekly online meetings are great. The group of us have gotten to know each other, and, in addition to what we learn from Dr. Kats, we learn from each other. I am very glad I signed up with TC!

Susan E Hansen-Engelhard 
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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  1. Pay for any of your Google advertising or Facebook boosts.  
  2.  Your Facebook advertisements. We will boost your Facebook posts, which will do much the same thing.  
  3.  Come to your office (or anywhere else) and shoot video of you for placement on your sites. If you decide to have us place video on your sites, you will have to shoot the video yourself or arrange to have it done by someone locally. We will be happy to post it for you. 
  4.  Revisions to your website. Your web designer will do that. We can tell you what to do but your web designer will do it.