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How the Elite Therapists Program Works!

We have the most comprehensive consulting plan available for therapists today. We have helped over 300 therapists create “waiting list only” practices through our elite therapists program. Here is what our program offers for just $147/mo.


What does this cost and how long is the program? Well, now that much of it is online, it is a small fraction of what it used to be. We used to charge $395 a month for three years. Then as we put more on line we lowered it to $275 a month for 3 years, but now we charge just $147 a month and there is no certain length of time or contract that you sign, although we expect that you will stay with us for at least 12 months to complete the first module.

$147 a month, that’s one or two patient visits a month. It is nothing compared to your growth. It is money well spent with no long-term commitment. You can join right now. Just click on the “BECOME ELITE” button. You need to do it now.

Just think. Where else could you get this much for this little?


1. A personal written practice evaluation with a monthly plan of action

2. Weekly group video calls

3. Personal phone consulting.

4. On-demand consulting (call any time)

5. A great members-only website

6. Virtual seminars

7. Live seminars

All for just $147 a month and with no length of time commitment.


Click on the button to get started.

You’ll get into practice quickly and if you are already in practice you will grow just as quickly!

What would another $100,000 a year take-home pay do for you? Are you ready to make the move?

If so, join today and you will receive an immediate email with your username and password for our website. You could be watching your first training videos in the next 10 minutes and you could be on our next weekly video call.

We will also give you a welcome call and help you get started. This is not some binder program. You are never left on your own. We are live by phone anytime. Join now at just $147 a month and you ‘ll be on your way to a bigger practice.

And finally, if you are ready to join but have a few questions first, call us at 918-286-2511.


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