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Our Member Benefits and unique approach set us apart from the rest!  Check out our Member Benefits and find out if Therapist Consultants is a good fit for you!

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What you can expect

As a member of the Therapist Consultants program, you will have access to cutting edge business and practice management information including:

  • compliance tools

  • practice forms

  • marketing information and new patient acquisition ideas

  • our training video library

  • weekly interactive webinar

  • live help desk to assist with all your questions and needs

  • weekly practice tips delivered to directly to you by email

  • access to the largest practice tools library in the industry

  • Discounts on our advanced practice tools and virtual seminars

Plus, our membership benefits are constantly being updated to keep you and your practice on the cutting-edge of success.

And when you think about all the practice building tools you get with our program, it would be a tremendous bargain at three-times the price!!

Warren Buffett said, “The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”  Your membership with Therapist Consultants is an investment in you, your business and your future.  Don’t wait - start today!

Virtual Seminars

“One of the best learning environments”.  Our Virtual Seminars allow you and your staff to have the ability to learn and train without the extra costs AND have the ability to strategically plan and implement what’s been learned immediately instead of after the weekend.  

Virtual Library

Easy to find Forms, Inner Circle Calls and past Seminars for quick reference at the tip of your fingertips!  You can download and print forms as well as watch training at your convenience.

Featured Products

Perfect Practice Blueprint

You are about to make a very wise decision when deciding to move into private practice.  Private practice practitioners are much more satisfied with their work and make considerably more money than those therapists who work for another entity such as an agency, the state or some other organization.   We have a step by step guide to build the practice of your dreams.

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