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Member Benefits

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Became Elite

What Benefits to expect 

You will help more people and make more money than ever before!

We have a coaching program that takes you, step-by-step, from where you are now to a very successful mental health practitioner... and at a reasonable cost!

We are the largest therapists program in the world
for mental health therapists!

We have consulted well over 300 therapists to new heights using our system and coaching program.
Do you find yourself in one of these situations?


Just thinking about going
into private practice


A single therapist in private practice and trying to get new patients and build a full practice?


Owning your own private practice but practicing with multiple therapists

Well, we have a program specifically tailored for you.


Practice Starter Program:

If you are thinking about going into private practice, our Practice Starter Program is the best of its kind. We have a wonderful program over thirty video and 30 audios along with a 128-page manual with step-by-step instructions about how to get into practice successfully. Couple that with personal consulting and all our other benefits and you’ll find yourself very successful.

Single Therapist Program:

This program is designed for the therapist in practice by themselves or the therapist who owns his or her practice but practices with others. It concentrates on getting more new patients and increasing your revenue so you make more money.

Multiple Therapist Program: 

We work with practices who see over 150 new patients a month and have 10-20 therapists. This program is for both the therapist who want to stay a full-time therapist as well as those therapists who eventually want to concentrate more on building multiple practices or spend less time in the therapy room so they can concentrate on marketing and build the business side of the practice.


To really grow... that is...  to get the best possible results, you need a complete program.

Some companies concentrate on just social media or just website design. That is a very small part of your success.

Became Elite

As a private practitioner, you can only build your practice in
4 ways.

  1. Increase your new patients
  2. Increase your regular patient visits
  3. Provide more services
  4. Improve your collections.

Anything else you do to build your practice is actually... wasted time!

New Patients

We have a wonderful internet presence program to increase your number of new patients.

We will talk to you personally and take you step-by-step through this program. It covers all aspects of internet presence like: 


> Improving search engine presence
> Social media presence
> Professional directories
> Getting Reviews
> Possible advertising on sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Yelp and Yahoo
& much more.


Here are the services we provide:

Practice Evaluations.

You will fill out an extensive questionnaire and I will send you a written plan of action. It is a personal plan of action which will take you from 3-9 months to complete. We will work together.

Group Video Calls.

We get together every week and discuss a growth topic. We are face to face on computer... Of course, you can listen by phone if you prefer. I talk to you and you talk to me. We keep our groups small... usually around 8 people.

Personal Calls.

Once a month, you have a personal call with one of our consultants. If there are questions you prefer to ask in private, this is your opportunity.

On Demand Consulting.

I give you my personal cell phone number. You can call any time during the day and even into the evening. You can’t get more personal than that.


You’ll have access to our private, client only website. It is a huge resource with dozens of videos, all the forms you need, contracts and agreements and much more.

Virtual Seminars.

In the spring and fall we hold our virtual seminars. This is a new concept so listen carefully. The Therapist Consultants staff and I give a ½ day seminar by video. The second half of the day we stay on the video conference line and answer questions as you plan your next quarter.

Live Seminars. 

We become good friends over the year, you’ll meet people online that you would like to meet in person. That’s where our live seminar come in. We get together in Florida in the winter and in the Midwest in the summer for a two-day seminar. We have classes all morning and group social activities in the afternoon. They are a great time of growth, fun and laughter.

Became Elite



  • A personal written practice evaluation with a monthly plan of action
  • Weekly group video calls
  • Personal phone coaching.
  • On-demand coaching (call any time)
  • A great members-only website
  • Virtual seminars
  • Live seminars

Click on the button to get started.

You’ll get into practice quickly and if you are already in practice you will grow just as quickly!

What would another $100,000 a year take-home pay do for you? Are you ready to make the move?

If so, join today and you will receive an immediate email with your username and password for our website. You could be watching your first training videos in the next 10 minutes and you could be on our next weekly video call.

We will also give you a welcome call and help you get started. This is not some binder program. You are never left on your own. We are live by phone anytime. Join now at just $147 a month and you ‘ll be on your way to a bigger practice.

And finally, if you are ready to join but have a few questions first, call us at 918-286-2511.

Became Elite