What 3 Things Do 90% of Therapist Have in Common?

They have virtually NO Internet Presence program!

They don’t even know IF they are represented on the 10 most common search engines and social media sites. They don’t know how well their website is optimized and they rarely if ever write blogs or other articles for their website and social media sites! They don’t even know where they are ranked as far as internet presence is concerned!

They don’t even know what they need, or where to start!

“What do I need to do to have a great internet presence and get a constant flow of new patients? Are there tricks to ranking high on the internet and getting lots of new patients? Someone needs to tell me what to do! I know nothing about getting seen on the internet!”

They would love to have someone “do it all” for them

They don’t know where to start and they don’t even want to learn. “Let me hire someone who knows therapy and is inexpensive. I’ll hire them – they can do it all!”

How to Have a Great Internet Presence and Have a Constant Flow of New Patients

To have a great internet presence, you must provide the search engines what they want. So, think like them! They want: 

  1. You to have a Pervasive Presence” on the internet. You need to be all over the internet! When you ask a new patient how they heard about you, you want them to say, “Oh, I don’t really know. You’re all over the internet.” You need to be on every search engine, every social media site, all the referral site and everywhere else! 
  2. Accurate Information about you and your business. Think like a search engine. Would you trust a company who had three different phone numbers listed on various internet sites? Of course not, which one is the right number? Search engines like Google say, “Why risk giving the people who use our search engine bad informationIf a therapist has very little, missing or bad information on the internet, we just won’t show their business to people looking for a therapist!  
  3. You to show Signs of Life! Question: What is the difference between the website of a therapy clinic that has been closed down for 6 months and your website that hasn’t been changed or updated for 6 months? Answer: To a search engine... nothing! If you don’t constantly update your website and social media sites, they will rate you the same as a business that has been closed for 6 months. You need to show signs of life. You do that by constantly putting new original material on your website and social media sites. 

How Much Does This COST?

You can quit anytime you like, and we don’t hold you captive!




  • Help Optimize Your Website (specifically for therapists - so you get more new patients)
  •  Help Optimize Your Professional Referral Sites Like Psychologytoday.com
  • We will list you on multiple different search engine sites
  • Set up and then monitor your Google advertising program
  • Post an article EVERY MONTH specifically for your clinic.
  • Help Manage Your Business Facebook.

Website Design

Don't have a website? No problem! Does your website need a refresh? We can help!

We can build a modern website for you that fits your brand. Chose from our proven templates. You own the website, not us. 

Get Started


  1. Pay for any of your Google advertising or Facebook boosts.  
  2.  Your Facebook advertisements. We will boost your Facebook posts, which will do much the same thing.  
  3.  Come to your office (or anywhere else) and shoot video of you for placement on your sites. If you decide to have us place video on your sites, you will have to shoot the video yourself or arrange to have it done by someone locally. We will be happy to post it for you. 
  4.  Revisions to your website. Your web designer will do that. We can tell you what to do but your web designer will do it. 

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