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Finding Your Niche

May 02, 2023

Hi, this is Dave Kats, with Therapist Consultants, and I have a tip for you. You want to know who the busiest therapists are in our organization? Those therapists that have a niche and that work in their niche. Now, when you first start in practice, you take about anybody that walks as long as you know that you can help them, but as you get farther into your practice, you get more about thinking about being a specialist and specializing in something or having a niche.

Now, there are broad niches, like probably the broadest niche that I know of is couples counseling. It's a good niche and a lot of therapists are in couples counseling, and it's a good thing to do. There's some sub niches under that, like couples counseling of those people that have had affairs and divorce counseling is another one that would be a subcategory under that, but the biggest niche is marriage or couples relationships. Then there are smaller and smaller niches and a lot of times you have to pick your niche according to the things you love to do. Like I know somebody that loves to talk about adoption issues. Well, then that should be her niche that she should work with adoption issues. Another one is the things that you're naturally good at. Let's say you're naturally good at treating some type of person. Maybe you're naturally good at treating young children. Then you better have a play therapy area and do play therapy. I will tell you that of all the people that we have in our organization, the people that do the best are the ones that have a niche and promote themselves inside that niche.

Today, before you go back to work, why don't you think about what niche I want to be in, and what I'm going to do to promote myself in that niche? This is Dave Kats. Thanks for listening.

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