Setting Goals For Your Practice

All of us should be setting goals each month for the whole year.

In fact we encourage every client to set new patient goals, patient visit goals and collection goals by month for the whole year.

How do you set goals so they are logical? There are four or five things you have to consider. You can’t just pull a number out of the hat and say, “This is how many new patients I’m going to get” or “This is how many patient visits I’m going to see”. You have to have some reasoning behind it so that you can believe it and reach your goal. There is an old saying that says, “What the mind can conceive and the heart can believe you can achieve”. If you really believe that you’re going to hit your goals you’re going to probably hit them. The reason you’re going to believe that you’re going to hit your goals is, because there’s reasoning behind it.

Here’s the reasoning you have to use. When you set a goal,...

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Daily Huddle


David Kats: Hi this is Dr. David Kats and Dr. Michael Perusich, and we have of video tip for you. If you have staff, if you're working with staff, there's something that you need to do on a daily basis that's really going to make your office function a lot more smoothly. You're the king of this, so you explain it to them.

Michael Perusich: We started this a long time ago in our practice, and we call it the daily huddle. Right before, about 30 minutes before we open the doors, we get together as a group, as a staff, and we go over the schedule for that day. We talk about each and every patient that's on that schedule. We talk about what's going on with them. We talk about how their care is going. We talk about whether or not they're a new patient. What their condition might be.

Staff is able to ask questions about the progress of their care. What that does is it allows us to not only keep our patients present time consciousness, but we remember their names when they walk in the door....

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