motivation Aug 06, 2019

Hi, this is Dave Kats with Therapist Consultants and I have a tip for you.

One of the things I see some therapists do that are well-established that other therapists really never get around to doing is workshops or seminars. That’s a right way and there’s a wrong way to do workshops and seminars. If you say to your patients, “I’m going to hold a workshop and I’d like you come on Wednesday night at 7 o’clock to this workshop,” chances are you won’t have many people in attendance, but there’s an old saying, “If Rome won’t come to you then you go to Rome.” Here’s the idea. If the patients won’t come to you then you go to the places where the patients are at. One of the places I find this is the case is churches. A lot of times churches will have a young married group or a married with children group or even a senior citizen group and any of those lend themselves well for you going in and doing a workshop with them right at the church. Anytime you do a workshop, you open yourself up, you give yourself exposure to expose yourself to more new patients. Even if you don’t get new patients from it, a lot of times there’s ways to get money by simply charging for these workshops. I have one therapist that does this. She works with a young married group in a church. They hold a seminar about two times a year and in that seminar, it’s a married seminar and they charge just $50 per couple for the couples from their church. The young married class splits the revenue with the therapist. The therapist makes good money that – sometimes you’ll have as many as 20 or 30 couples so that’s a lot of revenue coming in and it always leads to more referrals. Why don’t you talk to any church that you’re close with or that you work with or just someone close in your vicinity and ask them if they have any groups that you can talk to to see if they want to help sponsor a married seminar, or a seminar in depression, a seminar in aging, a seminar for senior citizens, any seminar that you want to teach. Just see if you can go to them, the church, and see if they’ll help you out and if they want to have your services because it’d be a benefit for the church members and it’d be a benefit for you.

This is Dave Kats. Thanks for listening.

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