Who See Your Patients PHI

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2022

Hi. This is David Kats with Therapist Consultants. I have a tip for you.

If you practice by yourself, then this particular tip may not be apropos, but if you have any therapists that practice with you, or if you have any staff or any volunteers that help you, then you need to know who sees your patient's PHI, their personal health information because HIPAA says, we have to have a list in our office of everybody in our office that's capable of seeing the patient's health history.

Right now, make a list. Even if it's you, just make a list of one, and just put in your HIPAA manual that you're the only person that has access to that health history. That way, if you're ever checked out by someone, you will be compliant as far as that part of the HIPAA law is concerned. If you have employees, if you have other therapists, if you have somebody that comes in and works for you, even on a volunteer basis, make sure that you get them all on the list. If it's just you, put you on the list, and say that in your manual, and that way you'll be in compliance, at least on that particular issue.

Now, before we leave, I want to tell you about our podcast we're doing, it's not particular to therapists, it's for everybody. It talks about how to get involved with the good, the clean, the pure, and the powerful in your life. I think you're going to enjoy it. It makes you put a smile on your face. We become a community. We're happy. We have fun together. We grow together.

By the way, it's not just for you, it'll equally be for your patients as well. Tell them about it if you're happy with it because we'd like to build a large group of happy, positive people looking to improve themselves. There you have it. You can go to therapistconsultants.com and watch the podcast, or you can go to anywhere you watch podcasts, and just sign in, and look for my name, David Kats, K-A-T-S, and you'll be put in touch with our podcast. I think you're going to enjoy it very much. This is Dave Kats. Thanks for listening.

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