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What's Hot on the Internet Right Now

Jan 21, 2020

Hi, this is David Kats for Therapist Consultants and I have a tip for you.

You know what's hot on the Internet right now? Well, it's probably not what was hot on the Internet a year ago and it's probably not what's going to be hot on the Internet in a year, but right now what's hot on the Internet is this, advertising on Google is very important.
If you want to build your practice, you probably want to spend between $100 and $300 advertising on Google. It's extremely easy to do. You can get about anybody to help you if you don't know how. The second thing that's real hot right now is Facebook.
Facebook is hot because you can do posts and you can boost those posts, which means you pay Facebook to show it to more people and you can do actual ads on Facebook, where you'd use your ads manager's program. Then the hot one that's new on the scene, there's a couple of new ones on the scene. One is Instagram. Instagram is a hot new area to advertise and to be seen on.
Facebook owns Instagram. Facebook reaches a crowd 35 years old and older. Instagram reaches a crowd 35 years and younger. It's important to be on both Facebook and Instagram, because you get people from both of those areas. Now, there's a few other places I think you should look at and see if they're important for you.
Go to your website, to Google and google your profession in your area and see if these two come up. One is Yelp. Y-E-L-P. And one is Thumbtack. Both of those companies came out with an ingenious plan. They put advertisements on the Internet that says, "The top are the best ten blank in blank."
In other words, the ten best therapists in DeLand, Florida and then, they rate you. Of course, you can advertise on there and they rate you, but if you advertise you get up there higher with them. If Yelp or Thumbtack shows up on your first page, you probably want to do spend some money with them and get some promotion with them because you've got to think about it.
If you're going through the Internet and you're looking at a marriage counselor in DeLand, Florida and you see Psychology Today and this and that, and all of a sudden you see, "The 10 best marriage counselors in DeLand, Florida," you're probably going to click on that site and you're probably going to use one of them. Think about that.
Google's hot. Facebook's hot right now. Instagram's getting hot, but also check out Thumbtack and Yelp and see if they're hot in your area, because if they are you may spend some money and get good results.

This is David Kats. Thanks for listening.

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