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Verify Insurance

Jun 25, 2018

David: Hi, this is Dr. David Kats and Dr. Michael Perusich. Today we have a video tip for you. I'm going to talk to you about verifying insurance. Let me start, and then you finish on this. It's important that you verify insurance on every patient that has insurance if they're going to use the insurance in your office. Now, it used to be in the old days, which means a year or two ago, we called all the insurance companies to verify the insurance coverage, and we'd sit on the line for 15 or 20 minutes waiting for them to come on the line to give you the insurance coverage. Right now the online verification has gotten so good that nearly everybody has switched over to online verification, and if you haven't, probably now is the time to get started.

Michael Perusich: That's absolutely right. You said something very important in there. You don't just verify insurance with new patients, you verify a patient's insurance every year. That's really important, and not just to find out if they're still on that plan or if the patient really has that insurance, but also find out, dig a little bit deeper, what are they reimbursing for some of the most popular codes that you bill in your office? That's important to know because what you may find, out as you analyze those insurance companies and those codes, is that it may be better to go cash. Guess what? When you cash, you don't have to verify insurance at all. This is Michael Perusich and David Kats. That's our video tip for the week.

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