Update Your Google My Business

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2021

Hi. This is Dave Kats, a therapist consultant, and I have a tip for you. Now is a great time of the year to redo your Google business page. You can update pictures, you can update information, you can change any hours that you've changed, but if you keep your Google business page updated, it will refresh it and it will raise you higher in the organic ranking. Today, go in. Just, go into your Google account up on your computer where it has those nine little squares.

Go in there and you will see where you can go into your page, your business page, and change the pictures, the wording, the titles, anything you want to and by doing that, you're going to raise yourself in the ranking. About every six months, go in and change your picture. Go in and change your titles. Go in and change your reviews. Get more reviews. It's always good to get more reviews and I think you'll see that your practice will grow on the internet as a result of being current with Google. This is Dave Kats. Thanks for listening.

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