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The Benefits Of A Virtual Assistant

May 20, 2024

Hi, this is Dave Kats with Therapist Consultants and I have a tip for you. You know, one thing I noticed about therapists that I don't see with other healthcare professionals is many times therapists don't hire employees. Now you may say, I'm a single therapist, I can't afford a full-time employee. What should I do? Well, you should hire a virtual assistant. Right now, because of the way the internet functions and the way we communicate over the internet, virtual assistants are nearly as good and sometimes better than a real assistant.

Now a virtual assistant, you have to think outside the box of who you're gonna use. You could use somebody from your family. I have a therapist that's a client of ours that uses his sister to run his practice. You could use somebody from your church or other civic organization. If you wanna go online to look for a virtual assistant, I would suggest that you utilize Fiverr.  And there you'll find virtual assistants. And you have to be very specific. Say I want a virtual assistant that can file insurance for a mental health professional. And you'll find that people will contact you and you can set up a virtual assistant.

If you don't want Fiverr, there's another one called Upwork. And Upwork is a little more costly, not a lot, but they have some really top quality people.

And then the last place you can look is by just going to Google and Google Virtual Assistant and you'll see there's lots of companies that have lots of people that work as virtual assistants. So really think about it. At least do this. Scroll through the internet and look at virtual assistants and see what's there. I think you'll find if you have a virtual assistant, it'll make your life more fun, you'll be happier, you'll have more time to yourself and you'll enjoy practice more. So this is Dave Kats, thanks for listening.

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