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Staying Relevant

Aug 07, 2023

Hi I’m Dave Kats and I have a tip for you. You need to stay relevant. I need to stay relevant. We all know of people who over time did the same thing over and over again, and they lost out in society. They got behind, they got left in the dust. I don’t want that to happen to you, especially in your practice. There are several things you can do to keep yourself relevant, to keep yourself looking like you’re on the cutting edge. I want to mention a few to you.

Number one, you can improve your dress. Sometimes we tend to lower our standards a little bit when we’ve been in practice for a while. So it’s time to get your dress improved and back up to where you were when you started.

Number two. Sometimes we see people that relegate themselves too old. Simply because they have old vocabulary, they have old jargon. It’s important that you stay up to date and use good proper English. Stay on the cutting edge. Know the cutting edge words that are relevant right now and you can keep up to date that way.

The third way you can stay relevant is to be up to date with your computers and other electronics. You need to know how to run those things. If you let someone else do all your work for you that way, you’ll soon be relegated to the “old” part of the world. If you let them do all your electronic work, you will be seen as one of the “old people”.

Another area that it is important to stay relevant in is social media. We all know how to use Facebook, but what about some of the other ones. What about Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok? Do you know how to run those things. Are you relevant or being relegated too old?

Two other things I see, number one, is your posture. Sometimes our posture shows our age. Did you know there is a direct relationship between your life expectancy and your forward head tilt? So make sure your posture is straight and erect.

The last one I want to talk about, is when people relegate themselves to being old, sometimes they get a little bit dogmatic in their beliefs and have unwillingness to accept other ideas.

Do you want to stay relevant or relegated too old? Make yourself go up another level in every area of your practice. There is an old saying I love, it says, “For 50 cents more you can go first class” and I encourage you to spend that extra 50 cents.

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