Spruce Up Your Office

office Jun 30, 2020

Hi, this is Dave Kats from Therapist Consultants, and I have a tip for you.

One of the things I notice about therapist offices is sometimes they get a little old looking without the therapist noticing it. I was at a therapist's office several years ago now, and I walked in and the hallway was dimly lit. About half of the fluorescent bulbs are out. There were dust bunnies in the corner. There was an orange shag carpet. It was a terracotta type wall on the outside and it just was dingy. You know what? He charged $40 for his therapy sessions, just $40.
I went to another therapist that same week, had a really nice looking office, had stone stacked front on their desk, had a granite top where you check in, granite top where you checked out, had music playing in the background, had free coffee, had a TV running with information on it. Really nice place, a lot of nice music in the neutral areas of the clinic. She charged $150 and I'll submit to you that they both were charging about the right price. It pays to have a good well established, good looking office.
Here's one of the things I did that's just a little tip for you today. For Christmas or for the holiday season, whatever you celebrate, once a year I would buy something special for the office. I bought one time a geode that's about four to five feet tall. I bought another geode that's a couple of feet tall. They're really beautiful things. I bought a sculpture and some paintings that were known by well-known authors in the area, well-known artists in the area.
I think every year you should do something in your office by something that you would normally use or normally buy, but make it special for you just one time a year, and you'll find that over five or six years you have a very attractive looking office. Go ahead and take an office tour right now. Look at the things in your office. Say, "What things you're old? What things are outdated? What things are worn out? What things need to be replaced and how can I replace them with something that's really nice that will verify to people that this is a legitimate business with a going concern that they should be interested in attending?

This is Dave Kats, thanks for listening

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