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Patient Retention

Mar 25, 2024

This is Dave Kats with therapist consultant, and I have a tip for you. I want to talk about client retention or patient retention. You know, what makes people stay with you once they start with you? Well, if they see results, they'll naturally stay with you, but there's some other things you can do.

The first thing you can do is give them a written report. Now we use this as a colored brochure. It just tells them what their situation is, any extenuating circumstances and what you plan on doing. It has a list of all the number of visits that they're gonna have. So if we're gonna see them for 15 times, it lists it right there. Then on the back, it gives them any homework that you want to give them. You can make your own plan of care just like this, but you should give every patient a written report of findings or a written plan of care.

The next thing you can do is now tell them you're going to have them come in 15 times, you can advance multiple schedule, all 15 visits. Now, if you do those two things, do the written report and the advanced multiple scheduling of all 15 appointments or however many you do, you'll find that your practice goes up and it never goes back down.

Now, there's a few other things you should do. Mostly involves the phone. First of all, you should send a reminder call or reminder text to anybody that hasn't been in in the last week. Most often now, your software will be able to send a reminder text, so see if your software will do it. If not, you may get them scheduled for later in the week as opposed to waiting a while to do that call.

And the last call you want to do is a reactivation call, and that is if a patient is dropped from under your care and they should not have their care was not done, you should call them in about three months and see how they're doing. Some of them will have backslid in a little ways, and you can get them under your care again. And it all goes to help the patients and build your practice at the same time. 

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