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Offering Concierge Management

Jul 08, 2024

Hi, this is Dave Kats with Therapist Consultants and I have a tip for you. You know, one of the things that's storming the country as far as medical doctors, as far as chiropractors, as far as therapists are concerned, is moving toward a concierge type management, a concierge type program. Now, what is a concierge program? A concierge program is when you take a group of people in your practice and you tell them they have the opportunity to pay monthly. Then they can come in as they need it. Now that's a concierge, and then you are available to them almost all the time. So you make yourself readily available to them. So if they want to call for a five minute call, that's fine. If they want to call you for a 10 minute call, that's fine. Because you're getting paid a certain amount per month. Now, the question is, can it be implemented with regular practice? And yes, it can. Every time you have a patient, you say, here's the program.

Here's how much our cost is. We have this, or you can go to our concierge program. And just explain your concierge program. So my wife and I have had a medical doctor, as a concierge medical doctor for a long time. And we called her this morning. My wife had an eye infection. We called her this morning. She was with a patient. She called us right back. She ordered what we needed and we were done. A very, very nice way to have this. And it would be great for patients and for therapists too.

I work with a therapist and I was with him for about a week in Florida. And we did a lot of videotaping and he would take probably three or four calls a day that were five minutes long, eight minutes long, something like that. I said, do you charge him? He said, no, that's just part of our normal charge. And so a concierge program is a nice program. So think about having a concierge program. And stay with us next week as we're gonna talk a little bit more in depth about what to do if you wanna consider your program. This is Dave Kats, thanks for listening.

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