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Uncategorized Aug 30, 2021

This is Dave Kats with therapists consultants and I have a tip for you. Once we place our ad on psychology day, we leave it there and we never touch it. Whether it's good, bad, or indifferent, that's the way it's going to be the rest of our life because we never touch or improve our psychology today ad. I would encourage you to spend this week improving your psychology today ad. Now, what can you do to improve the ad? Well, the first thing that happens with psychology today is they look at your picture.

If you look normal, they'll read, if you don't look normal, they won't read. Make sure you have a good picture that says that's not too dark, that's not too light. It's a professional picture. It's the same size and shape as everybody else as far as your distance from the camera and have just a good professional picture, probably with a smile and a welcoming smile on your face. Then the next most important thing is the first three lines of the three paragraphs.

Now I have therapists that have literally spent six months writing the three paragraphs for psychology today, but I will tell you, the first three lines in the first paragraph are the only ones that make much difference. I had one person tell me they make 80% of the difference. What do you have to put in those first three lines? Therapists have a tendency to be wordy once in a while.

You have to put the most important things, put the thing that you specialize in and then any big four that you do, if you do marriage counseling, marriage for couples counseling, anger, depression, and anxiety. Make sure you get those in the first three lines. You could say, I know the pain of dealing with depression and anxiety and just go right into it. Don't be wordy. Go right into that so you get all those things in the first three lines and you'll see if you do those two things. Good picture. Good first three lines that your psychology ad will produce a lot more than it is right now. This is Dave Kats. Thanks for listening.

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