Finding Your Niche

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2021

This is Dave Kats, a therapist consultant, and I have a tip for you. I find out when therapists start in practice, often they're generalists. They will take about anybody that walks in as long as they feel they can help them. Over a period of time, almost everybody by default or on purpose develops a niche. Now, I don't know what your niche is going to be and if you have a niche, it doesn't mean you do only that, it just means that you like that you specialize in that and you do a good job in that.

Maybe your niche is as broad as this family and marriage therapist. Maybe it's a divorce recovery, maybe it's adoption issues, maybe it's anxiety and depression, maybe it's sports, helping people perform better in sports. I don't care what your niche is but try to find your niche. Now, how do you find your niche? Well, if you're naturally interested in something, if you have a lot of people in an area that are of a certain type like military.

If you have a special talent, like maybe you're into sports and you believe that you can be a good sports psychologist, that would be a good one. Find your niche and then advertise in that niche. Market yourself in that niche. It won't mean that your practice is full of that but it means that you have a good time with the ones that are. Now, before you quit for today, I want you to think about this. What's going to be your new niche. Think about it and then move in that direction. This is Dave Kats. Thanks for listening.

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