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Jul 07, 2020

Hi, this Dave Kats with therapist consultants and I have a tip for you.

One of the things that's hot right now is Facebook. We all know that Facebook is hot and everything has his day in the limelight, if you know what I mean. In fact 10 or 15 years ago when we started teaching this information, we said you have to have a website and more than 50% of the therapists 10 years ago did not have a website.
Now basically everybody has a website. Then about 8 to 10 years ago we said you have to have your website optimized and we taught them how to optimize their website. Now it's still important to have a website, it's still very important to have your website optimized, but then new things come on the block. There's a new kid on the block and so Google was the hot thing and is the hot thing right now and is a very good thing to do to spend advertising on Google but now, of course, thank time marches on and now Facebook and Instagram are both a pretty hot commodity as far as therapists building their practice is concerned.
Now you need to know that Facebook owns Instagram, so what you do on one you have the opportunity to do on the other, but we suggest that you play something on Facebook, a lot of times a live video, which is what we suggest two or three times a week. Now it's very, very easy to do a live video. You can do them on your phone if you want to, but I think it can be a little bit more professional. Why don't you do it on your laptop or your desktop computer where you have a good camera and good lighting?
Now all you have to do is it doesn't take long and you'll find where it says go live and you hit that go live button. It'll count down three, two, one and then you're live and you can say whatever you want to. Now I would suggest that you only talk for about two minutes because that's all they want to hear. Somewhere between 90 seconds and two minutes you give them a little information about what you've been seeing lately and new trends and things like that and give them an opportunity to come in and sign up as new patient for care, very important.
Now, a lot of you won't do this and here's why because you say, when I hit go live, it's going to go to everybody in the world and I'm going to make a mistake and everybody in the world's going to see it. Well, that's not true because you have the opportunity to delete that, to look at and if you don't like it, to delete it. When you go live, you still have the opportunity to delete.
Right now, go to your Facebook business page, make sure you're on your business page, go to your Facebook business page and go to where it says go live and click on that countdown, talk to them for just 90 seconds in a nice casual way like we're doing right here and then it'll give you the opportunity to send it live. Do that two or three times. You should make an agreement like this, every night before I go home, I'm going to do a Facebook live just real quickly. I think it would build your practice very, very rapidly.

This is Dave Kats. Thanks for listening

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