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Uncategorized Jun 25, 2019

Hi, this is Dave Kats with Therapist Consultants and I have a tip for you.

Last time we talked about writing reviews and making sure that people give you plenty of reviews so you get an internet presence. Another way you get a good internet presence is by having blogs or articles. Now, when people hear about writing blogs and articles they say, “Oh, this is going to take a lot of time. I’m going to forget to do it. I’m never going to get it done. It’s going to fall by the wayside.” Those things could all be true but we can make blogs and articles a lot easier for you and maybe you’ll stay with the program. First of all, realize that blogs and articles can be very short. They can be one paragraph if you want, they can be three or four sentences if you want, and three paragraphs would be a lot. So don’t plan on putting a lot into each of these because you don’t need to. You can have a short article or a short blog. When you listen to these video tips that I give each week, you’ll notice they’re not 10 or 15 or 20 minutes long. They’re two or three or four minutes long because that’s all you need. People have time to watch something for 90 seconds or for two minutes or three minutes, but not for 20 minutes every week. And so make sure your articles are short. Now, the other thing to do to take up space and make them visible is add a picture or a video. If you do that, the readership goes way up. But I encourage you to get on a program. Set a time each week where you’ll write a blog and put it on your website. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, write the blog and just have your web designer put it on your website or your web host person can put it on your website. You’ll find that you’ll rotate to the top more if you write these articles on a regular basis. My wife is a therapist and she writes articles on a regular basis. She can put out an article and within two hours, it’s been read by 2,300 people. She has a real good following because she’s always done this blogging. Once you get that started, you’ll get some natural referrals into your office.

This is Dave Kats, thanks for listening.

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