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Billing Software

Apr 16, 2019

Hi, this is Dave Kats and I have a tip for you. 

People a lot of times ask us, ‘what are the most prevalent and best software out for billing insurance?’. The first thing I would say is this, every therapist should be using their own software. Sometimes I see a therapist that accepts insurance and they will go to Blue Cross to file, Aetna to file, UHC to file. It is better having your own software. If you would like to have something free, I suggest that you use Practice Mate which is by Office Ally. Just look up Office Ally and Practice Mate. It has a great billing system and is absolutely free. If you are a cash practitioner, I would use this type of software to keep your practice organized and your notes organized. If you can afford to pay for software, there are two that have become the king of the hill in the last few years. These are Therapy Appointment and Therapy Notes. We use Therapy Appointment in our office, and we are fans of Therapy Appointment. It cost about $60 a month for you to have this if you're a single therapist. If you have multiple therapists, it can get down to like $40 a month. It's a great software to use, it's cloud based, it does all your EHR, it does all your billing, it keeps track of all your demographics, it spits out analysis and things like that. Therapy Notes is viewed as being easier to some. I have been told that putting in notes and billing out the insurance is easier. The price of Therapy Notes is about the same as the price of Therapy Appointment, so I won't go into their pricing structure. Think about this, you need to have software to run your company and you might as well go with the most prevalent ones right now, and Therapy Appointment and Therapy Notes are the most prevalent of the paid, and Practice Mate by Office Ally is the most common for a free software.

This is Dave Kats, thanks for listening.

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