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Dr. David Kats: Hi, this is David Kats and Dr. Michael Perusich of Therapist Consultants and we have a tip for you. Everybody has a patient sign the HIPAA acknowledgment of privacy policies page when they come in, the one page form. That form says, "I have a privacy policy in place and I've offered it to the patient." You better have a privacy policy in place you better offer to the patient. Now, those policies are a lot of times about five or six pages long and they should be kept in the office and offered to the patient. Where do keep yours?

Dr. Michael Perusich: We usually keep ours right at the front desk. It's laminated, it's ready to go if any patient ever says I'd like to see it.

David: Yes. Some people put it in a notebook in the reception area. Some people have it posted on the wall. Some people offer everybody a separate copy. I wouldn't give everybody a separate copy. They don't need to have a separate copy, but you need to offer it in case they want to. Now, when you have that policy, some of you may say, "Well don't have that policy. I didn't even know I was supposed to be doing that." Where are they going to find a privacy policy?

Michael: Well, you can usually get one from -- either your malpractice carrier will offer you one. We have copies and examples on our website if you're a member of Therapist Consultants. Everybody is supposed to have one. To be fully compliant with HIPAA, you're supposed to post it on your website. You could be sneaky and go look at somebody else's website, I suppose.

David: There's 650,000 therapists in the United States, 325,000 of them are in private practice. So in theory, you have about 300,000 of them. You could find somewhere if you wanted to. So just look at other people's websites and take that one or go to your professional association, something like that. Again, remember, if you're client we have a good copy on our website. Now, we mentioned that you do have to have it on your website to be HIPAA compliant. If you don't have it on your website right now, you are not in HIPAA compliance, it's just that simple.

Make sure that you have that form, that policy and that you keep it in your office and on your website and you'll be a lot closer to being in HIPAA compliance. This is David Kats and Dr. Michael Perusich, thanks for listening.

Michael: Hi everybody, Mike Perusich with Therapist Consultants here. Just wanted to thank you for enjoying this week's video tape. Don't forget, as members of Therapist Consultants, each and every Tuesday, we have our weekly webinar where we cover topics like this week's video tip and anything else that we need to talk about to help build your practice. If you're not a member, I challenge you to check out our website, give us a call and become a member. We have great educational programs and wonderful tips on how to build the practice of your dreams. I'm Mike Perusich with Therapist Consultants

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