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Therapist Consultants Collection Scripting from Kats & Therapist Consultants on Vimeo.


Dave Kats: Hi. This is Dave Kats and Dr. Michael Perusich with Therapist
Consultants and we have a video tip for you. There's a right way and a wrong way to
collect. There's right scripting and wrong scripting.
Dr. Michael Perusich: There is. Scripting is important when you're collecting money
from patients. You want to practice this. Little things like not saying "dollars". Let's
say, your charge for the session today is $150. You don't want to turn to the patient
and say, "Well, that'll be $150" because to the patient, that sounds like a lot of
money. If you just say, "Well, that'll $150 today. Would you like to pay that with cash,
check or charge"; It just really skims over it, not unethically, but it allows the patient
to just absorb that a little bit easier.
Dave: You said something also very good. If you give them a choice of yeses,
"Would you care to pay for that by cash, check or credit card"; Is it's ";Yes, I'll pay
cash", "Yes, I'll pay check", or "Yes, I'll pay credit card." Not "Would you like to pay
for that?" or "How would you like to pay for that today?" or "Would you want to pay
for that today?" We just say, "Will it be cash, check or credit card?"
One other thing I should mention to you. It's a little bit cheaper in most cases, with
most merchants like you if you take a debit card. It's a little cheaper than taking a
credit card. There's a slight preference toward them using their debit card. Just
remember, there's a lot of ways to do the proper scripting for collecting. Don't say
"dollars", just say, "It's 150 for today" Say, "Will that be cash, check or credit card?"
and I think you'll do a good job of collecting on the patient from the first visit to the
last. This is Dave Kats and Dr. Michael Perusich. Thanks for listening.
Dr. Perusich: Hi everybody. Mike Perusich with Therapist Consultants here. Just
wanted to thank you for enjoying this week's video tip. Don't forget, as members of
Therapist Consultants, each and every Tuesday, we have our weekly webinar where
we cover topics like this week's video tip and anything else we need to talk about to
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and wonderful tips on how to build the practice of your dreams. I'm Mike Perusich
with Therapist Consultants.

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