Pay Per Click Advertising


Hi, this is Dave Kats with Therapist Consultants, and I have a tip for you.

Now, this tip isn't for everybody. We've been talking over about the last five weeks about how to have good internet presence. The last thing you want to talk about, I think you should consider pay-per-click advertising. I'll tell you that a lot of large offices in the therapy profession have pay-per-click advertising and it really pays for them. Now, what is pay-per-click advertising? Well, when you look on Google, when you search something on Google and it comes up, a lot of times, there's ads at the top of Google, or on Facebook, there'll be ads. Well, those are pay-per-click ads. Now, what does pay-per-click mean? It means that you put an ad on there, but you don't pay anything unless people click on it, and so you pay per click. Now, you can decide how much money to spend and you can spend as little as $100 a month. If you have a going concern and good practice, I would suggest that you consider spending about $300 a month on Google or on Facebook for advertising with pay-per-click advertising. Do it for about six months. Sometimes I talk to therapists. They say, "Well, that pay-per-click advertising doesn't work. I tried it once for a month and spend $100, I didn't get anything." Well, it used to be, 20 years ago, we would spend $400 for a Yellow Page ad and promised to pay for it for 12 months. We, right there, put out $4,800 to see if it will work. Now, we put out $100 and we say it didn't work. Try it. Spend about $300 if you can afford it. Do it for about six months. Keep changing your ads. I think that you'll find that the pay-per-click advertising is really going to work for you. Not for everybody. You have to have the budget to do it and the size to do it. But if you are at that stage, I suggest that you start the pay-per-click advertising.

This is Dave Kats. Thanks for listening.

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