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Head Space

head space motivation Jul 17, 2018

Dr. Perusich: Hi everybody. Dr. Michael Perusich and Dr. David Kats here. We've got a video tip for you this week. This week we want to talk about head space. Stephen Covey talks about, in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, sharpening the saw. In fact, that's the final habit that makes the habits all work together. Sharpening the saw is about making sure that you take time to renew yourself. As healthcare providers, we give off so much energy to our patients and our clients on a daily basis that we have to, every once in a while, take a little bit of a step back and just sharpen our saw again, renew ourselves and we need to be doing this on a daily basis.

Dr. Kats: Dr. Perusich, I don't want to turn it into an advertisement for the companies but I have to tell you that the best way to get your head on right and get your head space right is to just tune in to the the webinars that we do and make sure that you listen to them on a regular basis. I can't imagine how much smaller my practice would have been if I hadn't attended seminars and now, in today, looking at webinars. Every time you get an opportunity, it doesn't just have to be our company, any company that you see that you think is going to help you build your practice, your office and your practice, you should be watching those webinars. I'll tell you that we watch them on a regular basis, all the time and it helps us build the company and it will help you build your company too. This is David Kats and Michael Perusich. Thanks for listening.

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