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Aug 28, 2018

Dr. David Kats: Hi, this is Dr. David Kats and Dr. Michael Perusich and we have a
video tip for you. One of the things that's hot right now, as far as getting new
patients, it is doing Facebook Live. Facebook Live is a very simple thing to do. In
fact, if we tell you how to do it, you can probably do one this afternoon. We have
clients that do Facebook Live meetings and get one or two new patients off it every
time. This is basically what you got to do.
You just go to Facebook and it says whats on your mind, you remember that. You
click on that and down below, you'll see four or five little decals. One of them has a
picture of a man with sound waves around it. Just click on that, tell them if you want
it to be private or if you want it to be public, and then hit the go button. It counts
down from three, two, one and you're doing it.
Dr. Michael Perusich: You're live.
Dr. David: Yes and you're live.
Dr. Michael: All you have to do is just spend a little bit, just talking about your office,
talk about what you do, talk about what your niche is, maybe your speciality. Talk
about some of the different types of things that you do in your office. Talk about your
stuff a little bit, make it personal. That's what people want to see today.
Dr. David: That's right. It doesn't need to be highly produced. If you stumble around
a little bit, that';s fine because that's what the Facebook Live is. That's the idea of
Facebook Live. Then at the end, if you'll just give them some opportunity to become
a patient in your facility, I think you'll see that you'll sign up a lot of new patients as a
result of using Facebook Live. This is Dr. David Kats, Dr. Michael Perusich, thanks
for listening.

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