Covered Services


Michael Perusich: Hi, this is Michael Perusich and David Kats, and we've got a video tip for you. One of the things that we recommend when you're running your practice is that you understand and know all the time what services are covered under the health insurance plans that you're on.

David Kats: That's right.

Michael Perusich: Because if you don't, you may be providing services that you may have to ultimately just write off, so you'd be providing the service for free. This is a very important thing to understand each and every year because it changes from time to time and you want to make sure that you just keep a list, an active list about all those services that they cover, and probably a list of the services they don't cover as well so that you can try to avoid those services if possible.

David Kats: Yes. In our clinic, we just have a spreadsheet, the excel spreadsheet, and it has all the insurance company's solution and what they cover and what they don't cover and how much they pay. That doesn't dictate your patient care, and the patient need dictates the patient care, but assuming you can use something that is covered service, you're better off doing that for the patient than doing something that's an uncovered service. This is David Kats and Michael Perusich. Thanks for listening.

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