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increase profits Oct 19, 2018

Hi. This is Dave Kats with Therapist Consultants. I have a tip for you.

Now this tip isn’t for everyone. I find that lot of therapists not only are good listeners but they are good teachers and they like to teach things. Well, I would suggest that if you’re at the right place at the right stage in your practice, that maybe you think about giving some seminars. One of the best ways to get started doing seminars is to do seminars for CEUs.

I have different groups in our organization that get together and do seminars for CEUs around the state, and really you only have to get your seminar approved by the State Association or the Board of Examiners, and you get CEU hours for it. You just advertise the thing. You collect at the door. You collect an advance. You give the seminar. You keep track of the hours that you’ve given. You have people sign in and sign out, and you’re automatically given CEUs. Now there’s a little more involved than that, but you get the idea.

I have one group recently that gave a seminar. There were two people in the group -- they were two people in this therapy group, and they gave a seminar. They both talked but the gate that day was $4,500. They cleared over $3,500 from that seminar just for working one day. Now they plan on taking that around the state, about 5 or 6 different places in the state, and doing the same thing.

It’s something that’s not for everybody. If you’re just getting started in practice it’s probably not the thing to do. But if you’ve been in practice for a while, and you like to teach, you thought about doing seminars, put that extra CEU touch with it. I think that you’ll have good advantage and good profitability.

This is Dave Kats. Thanks for listening.

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