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Why Choose Therapist Consultants?

As mental health therapists you are well-trained in how to diagnose and best treat your patients. You have acquired your degrees and certifications, and become accredited to practice your passion of improving the lives of your patients. Now its time to build your business.  As you build your private practice you realize you'll need some guidance and direction on the business aspects of growing your practice. So where do you turn? Therapist Consultants is here to help.  We are one of the leading healthcare business coaches in the country.  Our goal is to help YOU build YOUR practice. Don't go it alone - choose the experienced team at Therapist Consultants to help you build the private practice of your dreams.

Virtual Seminars

Our Virtual Seminars have revolutionized seminar learning for our busy clients.  The Virtuals allow for you and your staff to have professional development seminars on a regular basis without the extra costs AND headaches of travel and time away from home or the office.  Our Virtual Seminars are live events that you can view from your computer or TV while relaxing in your office, home, or even pool-side!  Plus, you will be able to interact with us directly during our live question and answer sessions.  Our clients have labeled the Therapist Consultants Virtual Seminars as “one of the best learning environments available.” 

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Perfect Practice Blueprint

You are about to make a very wise decision when deciding to move into private practice.  Private practice practitioners are much more satisfied with their work and make considerably more money than those therapists who work for another entity such as an agency, the state or some other organization.   We have a step by step guide to build the practice of your dreams.

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