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Therapist Consultants is the leading resource for mental health therapists focused on growing their private practice. The company is led by Dr. Michael Perusich and Dr. David Kats, very successful businessmen with extensive experience in creating, building and growing companies. Their combined knowledge of business, management and mental health therapy is the foundation for Therapist Consultants. Therapist Consultants has developed a set of proprietary methods that have proven success in increasing the profitability of private practice mental health therapists.


Dr. Michael Perusich

Serving as the President and CEO of Therapist Consultants, Dr. Perusich is known as one of the brightest minds in healthcare business management. Michael worked for several years in investment banking with some major Wall Street firms.  During this time, he developed a unique set of skills in mergers, acquisition, and business management.  He later returned to med school and ultimately built some of the biggest healthcare and integrated medical practices in the Midwest.

Michael has been a healthcare consultant for more than 20 years. During that time his clinics saw more than 2000 patients and averaged 140 new patients per month. He employed therapists, medical doctors, occupational therapists, chiropractic physicians, and had more than 14 staff.

Today, Dr. Perusich continues to lead his clinics so that he can “stay current in health and practice trends so that we can best help our clients by having first-hand knowledge of their needs.”  Business management, marketing, cash practice, patient communication and statistical management are some of the key expertise from which Dr. Perusich consults. Dr. Perusich is a very progressive leader, consultant, and a natural speaker.  He is constantly developing new processes so that our clients can always be at the forefront of healthcare practice.


Dr. David Kats

Dr. David Kats is the Chairman of the Board of Therapist Consultants. He has been a practice consultant for over 25 years. As a chiropractor by profession, Dr. Kats built one of the largest practices in the nation seeing over 125 New Patients a month and 100-200 patients a day in his single doctor office. Over the years he added 4 associates to the practice. He then created a unique multiple clinic concept and opened and operated a group of 12 clinics in Nebraska and Iowa. He sold those clinics in the mid 90's.

In 1982 he started a consulting firm called Kats Management. It grew to be the largest consulting firm of its kind in the United States and had annual contracts with over 1,000 doctors each year. In 2003 he sold his management company and the name was changed to Integrity Management but it still remains the largest management company of its kind in the United States.

Today he resides in Oklahoma and owns four clinics in the greater Tulsa area.  As he became interested in the business side of counseling, he saw the need for a quality consulting firm for therapists and established Therapist Consultants.  Dr. Kats always provides a unique insight on practice management due to his many years of experience.


Marisa Mateja

Marisa serves as our Chief Operations Officer, which simply means…she does everything. With a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Marisa has more than 20 years of experience in medical office management, insurance billing, electronic health records management, human resources, as well as training and motivation for staff.


Dr. Perusich and Dr. Kats have been working together since 1999 with Marisa joining the team in 2002. Together they have become some of the top leaders in practice management consulting and coaching and are revolutionizing the way professionals build the practice of their dreams.




Shala Weibert


Shala joined the Therapist Consultants team in January 2018 and serves as our Director of Concierge Services.  Her background includes being a Chiropractic Assistant as well as Office Management giving her over 15 years experience in an office setting.  Shala is also currently working on obtaining her Associates Degree in Graphic Design.


Shala is available to answer your questions regarding your schedule with Therapist Consultants, virtual seminars, website assistance as well as questions regarding membership.  


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