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Easy Solutions to Get New Patients from the Internet

It seems all we hear is, “You’ve got to have an internet presence,” but how do you do that? Where do you start? This class assumes you’re not internet savvy and starts at the beginning with a step-by-step program that is free, easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement. We’ll cover website optimization, referral directories, Google, Facebook, Instagram, reviews and more.  We can make it understandable!  Your new patients will increase almost immediately.

How to Have a Full Practice


The typical full-time therapist sees 25 patient visits a week.  How about you? Are you above or below average? We have two office procedure that can add 30% growth to your practice. The procedures are free, and anyone can implement them. It is a necessary part of good patient compliance.

New Revenue Centers Therapists Are Now Using

Would you like to increase your income – maybe double or triple it without seeing more patients? If you are a therapist, there are several ways to “work smarter, not harder.” Most of these ways you have never thought of doing. Let’s bring these ideas into your professional repertoire.

Easiest Way to Become HIPAA compliant

HIPAA…ugh. Let’s throw out all the scare tactics and show you how to become more compliant without having to buy some program. We’ll show you all the major rules, give you the forms and show you how to use them. It is the most understandable HIPAA program you have ever seen.

Only 4 Ways to Build Your Practice.

Did you know there are only 4 ways to build your practice? Did you know that anything else you try to do to build your practice is superfluous, isn’t necessary and won’t work? We will concentrate on what works!

A Plan to Take Home and Implement

Ever find yourself attending a lot of seminars and not implementing much? Well, this is where that is going to change. Everyone goes home with their personal plan for implementation – a plan for increasing new patients, increasing patient visits and increasing your take-home pay – all while working smarter rather than harder! You will leave encouraged and with a new sense of direction.

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